NT Swim School offer the following classes

  • Parental Classes
    We have three levels of parental class that are run at NT Swim School and they are Infants, Toddler and Toddler Plus. In these classes children are in the water with their parents, which makes for a safe, fun and perfect one on one teaching environment.

    In our Infant and Toddler Programs students learn a variety of skills such as different types of kicking, paddle arms, bubbles, submersion and safe entries and exits all through songs and play. So parents bring your singing voices!

    The Toddler Plus program is the last of our parental classes. This class is designed to get students ready for our stand along classes (without parents in the water). This class is run very similar to our Beginner class, so students making the transition between parental classes and stand along a bit easy on the student.

    As your child progresses through the parental classes you will notice that the skills remain the same, but the games and songs change, encouraging your child to try the skills in different ways.






  • Beginners

    At NT Swim School our Beginner lessons are all conducted without parents in the water.

    In our beginner level lessons we aim to have your child swimming with ‘recovery’ arms (big arms) and breathing to the side. We would also be able to float confidently with progression to back stroke.

    Towards the end of the swimming term we would introduce breaststroke kick (frog legs) with the possibility of arms depending on the child’s ability.

    At NT Swim school we understand that children develop in different ways and may grasp one movement better than another, this is why we endeavour to show them a variety of strokes throughout the term. And we will repeat this each term until they have a strong grasp on the stroke then we can move them up to the next level which will see them now develop the stroke over a longer distance, which will then require core strength and even better technique.






  • Intermediates

    Our Intermediate levels follow on from Beginners where they should have a good all round skill level.

    In our Intermediate level we will further develop the strokes by using more ‘drills’ to develop the strength of the swimmer to be able to swim with ease over a longer distance. And focusing in on the smaller technique issues to enable them to more efficiently through the water….rather than fighting the water!

    Intermediate level will cover all 4 strokes; Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle.

    Once they are showing a more competent stroke over the longer distance and are able to ‘hold’ the stroke for the desired swim distance we will then move your child to Advanced classes to further challenge your child’s swim ability.


  • Advanced

    In the advanced groups the children are preparing for squads, they will now swim the full distance of the pool with emphasis on perfect stroke technique, head movement and pull through with recovery arms. All 4 strokes are still covered over the 10 week term.
  • Squads

    • Red Emperors train twice a week, 45mins sessions
    • Queenfish train twice a week, 1hour sessions

    From the Advance group students move up to squads which trains twice a week. In these sessions the student’s work on their endurance, speed, race starts/ diving, tumble turns and medleys. Children have fun competing against each other and doing, time trials all the skills you need to either compete or just to stay healthy and active



  • Aqua Booty
    Like our regular Aqua Aerobics, however this class is designed for ‘the expecting mum’ or the new mum and their bub. Bubs can be in the pool with mum in a floating ring, and they can be used within the program of just float around in the aquatic environment which is a comfortable all year round 31-33 degrees C!

    When: Tuesdays at 11am and 12pm; Thursdays from 12pm and Friday 11:30 – 1 hour session
    Where: Indoor Pool (12 Caryota Court, Coconut Grove)
    Please email [email protected] for availability and pricing.



  • Adult Squads

    Ideal for those who may never of swam before and need to gain confidence with water submersion, floating, kicking with progression to swimming.

    Designed for those who have basic water skills and wish to learn their strokes or how to breath and travel a distance in the pool.

    Suitable for those who can swim well but wish to take it to that next level with learning how to move through the water with ease rather than fight the water. Our Advanced classes will help you as a swimmer, to swim faster with less effort. We cover all 4 strokes with leading into social racing and / or triathlons if you desire.

  • STAARS Aqua Aerobics
    Designed with our seniors in mind STAARS stands for “Senior Territorians Active and Resilient” it is a lighter workout and perfect for those also going through rehab. As with our regular aqua resistance tools are often used while you dance along to some great tracks.

    When: Monday and Wednesday from 12:30-1:15pm
    Where: Indoor Pool (12 Caryota Court, Coconut Grove)
    Cost: First session is FREE and after that, $6 per session.

    On Mondays you have the opportunity to stay and have a shared lunch with the group for $3. So why not come along and give it a go.