Aqua Booty – Perfect for mums and bubs and those expecting!!

Aqua booty-Our mums and bubs program is up and running for 2018!

Enjoy getting into Fitness and Strength after (or during!) your pregnancy whilst introducing your bub to the water.

Aqua booty is a cardio based work out with strengthening exercises while your bub floats around you in an aqua ring. This class is perfect for mums and expectant mums looking to get into fitness with the support of a water environment.

Any time is a good time to start as long as your bub has good neck support. The classes are held at our indoor pool which is saltwater and heated, all year round, to keep you and your bub comfortable.

Aqua booty runs on TUESDAY at 12:30pm; THURSDAYS at 12pm and FRIDAYS at 12:30pm for 1 hour. So get ready to get wet and have some fun all while getting fit with your bub! An Aqua ring will be provided for you!!

For more information email – [email protected]