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Looking for Swimming Lessons?

NT Swim School offer a range of swim lessons and times to suit your schedule.

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Can you Swim?

NT Swim School offer the following classes:

Infant Aquatics / Learn to Swim

Red Emperors

Queen Fish

Adult Swim Classes

Adult – Learn to Swim
6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
September 23, 2020

Welcome to NT Swim School!

As a dedicated swim school, our number one focus is to ensure your child learns to swim in a safe and fun environment. We are the only swim school in the NT with 2 heated, salt water pools for year round lessons.

NT Swim School has won provider of the year for Water Safety from Royal Life and won multiple Telstra Business Awards for Innovation as well as being a finalist with Telstra Business Awards for many years running...…. so we know our stuff!!!

We provide swimming lessons for people of all ages and abilities, offering:

  • Parented Lessons (from 2 Months Old)
  • Learn to Swim Lessons (Children to Adult)
  • Adult Squads
  • Children's Squads
  • ASD Specific Lessons
  • Private Lessons

Our Parental Classes are run for infants, generally around 2 months of age but we do accept younger as long as they good neck control, and Toddlers up to the age of 3 years old. They are designed to give children the one on one attention that they need whilst they learn the importance of water safety and swimming skills, under the direction of an instructor

Our Learn to Swim classes are for children who have the maturity to be able to swim without a parent or guardian through to children of school age. We teach children who are afraid of the water right up to skilled swimmers. Our Students are placed in age and skill appropriate levels to help them get the most out of their time in the water.

We also provide Swim Lessons for Adults of every level, from the non confident through to the advanced swimmers. These classes are excellent in helping adults overcome their fear of water and learn all they need to know to be safe around any water environment as well as teaching those who can already swim, how to build their stamina, technique and strength in the water.

We are a provider of the NT Water Safety Awareness Program which provides all children under 5 with a voucher towards the cost of Swimming Lessons. To apply visit or phone 08 8981 5036

We also accept all government Sport Vouchers and Learn to Swim Vouchers. For more information on these vouchers please visit

To enrol, please click here, fill out the attached enrolment form and email to: [email protected]

We have parking facilities available, as well as a child friendly play area and comfortable seating areas for families and friends to enjoy and stay a while!

  • Casual Rates

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    Seniors Aqua$6
    Casual Swimming$4

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  • Value Packs

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    Adult Swim Classes (10 Sessions)$188

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