Water Safety Awareness Program (WASP) – NT Swim School

Great news everyone,

This morning the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing NT, announced another expansion to the Sport vouchers to include $200 worth of vouchers annually for Learn to Swim programs for 0-5 year olds (media release attached).


To save some time, we have broken out the facts about the new scheme which include:

  • Children 0-5 need to complete the five free Water Safety Awareness Program (WASP) lessons through RLSSA to be eligible for this scheme;
  • Parents then need to apply for the Learn to Swim vouchers annually (WSAP only needs to be completed once for each child);
  • Once a child has completed the WSAP lessons, they will be eligible for Learn to Swim Vouchers until they are 5, or are enrolled in preschool – whichever is first. Once the child is enrolled in preschool they will be eligible for Sport Vouchers and may choose to use the vouchers for swimming lessons;
  • One $100 voucher will be mailed to the parent after their application, the second $100 voucher will automatically be sent 6 months later (essentially one voucher from July, the second voucher from January);
  • 2014-15 vouchers can be applied for from July 1 2014 (IT permitting) and will expire on 31 May 2015;
  • Swim schools must be registered with either AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia to register to be an eligible swim school to redeem vouchers; and
  • Voucher redemptions will be made through Grants Tracker, similar to the way Sport Vouchers are redeemed. We need to keep the Sport Voucher redemptions separate to Learn to Swim redemptions on Grants Tracker and will require Swim Schools to redeem the Learn to Swim Vouchers in a separate “grant round” in Grants Tracker.


If you have any further questions, please contact us in the first instance and allow us to assist!